How does a Chiropractor help with birth?

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My chiropractor is the reason I was able to have a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean).  My baby in a sunny side up orientation was no match for stalled dilation; but once my chiropractor adjusted my back, and aligned my hips, my baby was able to drop and rotate into a more optimal position.  But just how does a chiropractor really help with birth?

It all comes down to the art of alignment.  Your chiropractors main job is to align your pelvis, spine and neck.  Alignment allows optimum positioning for baby to move down in the birth canal, and pass easily without getting stuck.  When we consider the purpose of birth, for the baby to descend through the birth canal, maneuver through the pelvis and tailbone, it's no wonder you may get curious if chiropractic care is for you.

A Webster Certified chiropractor is specifically trained to encourage a breech baby to flip!  Fewer practitioners attend breech births, so to avoid a Cesarean, many will try a chiropractor or ECV (External cephalic version) to help encourage a baby to achieve the optimal position.  

Chiropractic care during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester adds significant comfort.  Do you hate the feeling of hobbling around, or enduring the last few weeks of waddling.  Loose ligaments, and a body in alignment can definitely alleviate your discomfort.  Pelvic pain, hip pain, lower back pain, tail bone soreness and indigestion or reflux can all be improved with chiropractic care.

The stimulation of a TENS unit is particularly helpful to target zones in your back with electrical pulses.  Electrodes are placed briefly on your back to send vibrations through your body.  The sensations can relieve and reduce pain.  

Many insurances will cover some or all of the appointments needed.  You may consider visiting as often as you see your maternal care specialist.  If you see your OB twice a month, you could also see your chiropractor with equal frequency.    

If you're not able to visit a chiropractor, but still hope for the benefits of positioning before your labor there are various exercises to perform independently. The first is inversions or sometimes known as Spinning Babies miles circuit.  This helps encourage a baby to a head down position.  Curb walking, or walking with one foot on the curb and the other on the pavement helps your pelvis tilt in a way that the baby can begin to ease lower in your pelvis.  Rotating on a birth ball or yoga ball keeps your torso upright, and your hips open!  

After 36 weeks, if you can avoid lounging back on a sofa, chair or bed you, will also encourage your baby to have better posture.  This is particularly difficult, but the efforts during delivery are worth it!  

For less pain, and more optimal positioning, visit your chiropractor today!

Article by Sarah Ziroll

Sarah is a founder of Birth Made Mindful dedicated to helping you achieve success and mindfulness during birth.  For more information to prepare for birth and the postpartum period, check out our Birth Course!  

Sarah Ziroll

Sarah Ziroll