C-Section Risks and are they worth it?

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There are inherent risks to having multiple C-sections.  One of the risks includes excess scar tissue formation.  Many individuals who have undergone a C-Section have a visible scar, and accompanying scar tissue.  When multiple C-Sections have been performed, the risk for that scar tissue to increase, grows.  Some providers will discourage a woman from having a large family, or a large amount of C-Sections due to the scar tissue that builds with each surgery.  Luckily, some of this tissue can also be removed in a subsequent surgery.    

Another common occurrence after C-Sections is the onset of an infection.  This risk is doubled when compared to vaginal births.  

Blood clots can be a common risk post C-Section and rarely an injury to the bladder or bowls can occur during the procedure.

"With each subsequent C-section,  placenta accreta—when the placenta implants abnormally—and bowel obstruction can increase,” Hector Chapa, MD, associate clerkship director for obstetrics and gynecology at the Texas A&M College of Medicine indicates as another risk.

After having staples and multi layered stitches repaired and a severe virus while in the hospital recovering with my 3rd baby I am no stranger to the risks of surgery.  Accompanying the C-Section of my 5th baby I contracted an infection 2 weeks after birth.  Even with the inherit risks of C-Sections, they are worth it, especially if recommended as the safest mode of delivery for birth.  I am overwhelmed each time with the love and emotion that only comes from a pure and loving Father in Heaven who knows exactly the majesty and power that a newborn baby holds when placed in the arms of her mother.

Article by Christina Packard

Christina is the mother of 5.  She is a writer and educator for Made Mindful, LLC. Along with gardening, embroidery, and playing the piano and trumpet, she finds thrills in anything DIY or craft related.

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Sarah Ziroll

Sarah Ziroll