Birth Affirmations

The internet says that birth affirmations don't work.  It says, "you can't just think positively and have a pain free birth."  And they are absolutely correct. Your brain will not believe what it doesn't believe.  To have positive mantras serve you during birth you have to integrate them into your brain's belief system...before you birthe!  

If you say the affirmation, "My baby is the perfect size for my body" but in the back of your mind you are ruminating about your mother who said, "I couldn't birth a big baby, and neither can you." Or your doctor's voice is the resounding message that who has told you, "Your baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead and a C-Section will be necessary for a big baby"  Even if you are reciting a birth affirmation during your delivery, you won't actually believe it to be true.  

Start today to re-frame your thoughts using birth affirmations!  Your body was designed to birth babies, even big babies!  Think of the power your mind can have over your body if you can truly believe that your baby is the perfect size for your body.  And your body will stretch to birth your baby.  

The way that birth affirmations work, is to change your beliefs by affirming or stating what you want to believe to be true.  This process can't take place over night, which is why the Birth Made Mindful course encourages you to practice early in your pregnancy, so that by the time your labor is nigh, you believe the message of the affirmation!

If a spoken affirmation doesn't yet feel right, start the work.  What does work look like?  Be specific with the affirmations you adhere to.  Not all will feel encouraging or true to you.  Ask questions of yourself, your birth partner or your provider to gain confidence in the messages of the affirmations themselves.  If the scripted text feels too far from your internal truth, form a neutral thought about the message, then start accepting the entire message.      

Do birth affirmations really work?  Yes, they can!  If you mindfully prepare and practice associating positivity with your birth, they can be a source of strength as you deliver your baby.  

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We've written a few birth affirmations of our own, and hope you will share with your friends and family that are expecting.

  • I am succumbing to the magnificence of birth.
  • I trust my body! I trust my baby!
  • My cervix is becoming huge!
  • I am marvelous, I am doing a fantastic job.
  • I am not afraid.
  • I want to open up and let this baby out.
  • Birth is a part of nature and is nothing to be feared.
  • Birth brings the spirit of joy, the spirit of happiness and pride at the arrival of my baby!
  • If a penis can grow, so can my vagina!
  • I am letting go and letting my body take over this labor.
  • Birth is safe for me and my baby.
  • I CAN do this. I AM doing this.
  • My body and my baby know what to do.
  • I am strong. My body is strong. My baby is strong.
  • Breathe in relaxation. Breathe out tension.
  • Every contraction brings me closer to my baby.
  • I feel calm, confident, safe, and grounded.
  • I am completely cooperating with my body.
  • Women all over the world are giving birth with me.
  • Keep breathing. Slow and even. Inhale peace. Exhale fear.
  • My body will give birth at exactly the right time.
  • I welcome my baby with happiness and joy.
  • Open . . . Soften . . . Relax . . . Release.
  • I am prepared to meet whatever turns my birth takes.
  • My body has a wide open space for my baby to descend.
  • The strength of my uterine contractions is a sign of MY strength. I can do it.
  • I believe my baby’s birth will come quickly and easily.
  • I am full of love, compassion and comfort.
  • I can do anything for one minute.
  • For birth to glow, my hormones must dance.
  • I am an upside down pez dispenser!
  • My body has the cellular wisdom to grow and birth my baby.
  • I embrace the wisdom and innate knowledge of my body.
  • I feel the power of my body with each contraction. My body works flawlessly.
  • My muscles work in complete harmony to make birthing easier.
  • My cervix opens and allows my baby to ease down with each contraction.
  • My body and pelvis open wide for my baby to pass through.
  • Each contraction produces a healthy, positive pain that I can handle.
  • I am a strong woman and my body is powerful. I trust my instincts to know what I need for my labor.
  • Countless women have given birth before me. Their courage and strength are with me.
  • Good strong contractions will help me meet my baby.
  • Birth is a safe, wonderful, and powerful experience.

Affirmations can extend beyond birth to give direction and meaning to your daily life.  We have created designed affirmations for daily positive messaging.  Find them on Amazon today!

We recognize that it's not just birth that can be hard!  Motherhood is challenging, especially as one is entering the realm of parenthood for the first time.  Our motherhood affirmations work, because we've tried them.

Article by Sarah Ziroll

Sarah’s greatest joy is her family: her husband and boys.  In her free time, she loves escaping in a great book, “Sarahnading” on her violin, singing, creating crafts and diy projects, hiking the gorgeous mountains of Utah and skiing.  Sarah is a Birth Coach and Certified Birth Doula.  She’s had 3 amazing births and is passionate to help you achieve the birth of your dreams.  

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Sarah Ziroll

Sarah Ziroll