Baby Number Two - To Register or Not to Register?

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You're a supermom!  You've got an adorable toddler exploring the world and learning a dozen new words a day.  One day, you wake up nauseous, and in your gut, you know it wasn't last night's takeout.  You're expecting and you have so many decisions to make.  

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One of the many decisions inspired by Shakespeare - to register or not to register, that is the question.  Even if a baby sprinkle's not on the calendar, many companies will offer a discount for registry items.  

If Hamlet himself could advise you, create a second baby registry!  The key to developing a baby registry is knowing which categories you are creating for your home and your baby.  But a second baby may only need a few new items.  Unless your first baby gnawed through the crib and all of their bottle tops.  

Extensive categories as listed could make up your first registry.  If most of your items have held out, your second registry will only need additions in a few of the categories.  

Categories for FIRST BABY REGISTRY  

  1. Nursery
  2. Diapering
  3. Feeding
  4. Clothing
  5. Bathing and Grooming
  6. Health and Safety
  7. Travel Gear
  8. Playtime and Entertainment
  9. Nursing and Feeding Accessories
  10. Organizational Items
  11. Gift Cards and Cash Funds
  12. For Mom and Dad
  13. Feeding Supplies
  14. Outdoor Gear
  15. Technology and Gadgets

We consulted our group of expert moms and these were the items needed for a second time around.  


Items you may need:

  1. Nursery:
  • Crib sheet
  • Changing pad
  • Humidifier
  • Sound machine
  • Night light

2. Diapering:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Diaper cream
  • Diaper caddy

3. Feeding:

  • Sippy cups
  • Bottle tips

4. Clothing

  • Laundry detergent
  • Fels-Naptha bar or Miss Mouth Messy Eater stain remover

5. Bathing and Grooming:

  • Baby shampoo/wash
  • Bath towel

6. Health and Safety

  • Nose Frida
  • Simethicone drops

7. Travel Gear:

  • Second car seat base
  • Car seat mirror
  • TushBaby
  • Backpack diaper bag to be handsfree

8. Playtime and Entertainment:

  • Toys

9. Nursing and Feeding Accessories

  • Nursing tops or bras
  • Nipple care (silverettes, nipple cream, nursing pads)

12. For Mom

  • Frida peri bottles

15. Technology and Gadgets

  • Camera monitor



  • Crib or bassinet
  • Changing table or pad
  • Rocking chair or glider
  • Bedding (sheets, blankets, crib bumper)
  • Baby monitor


  • Diapers (various sizes)
  • Wipes
  • Diaper bag
  • Diaper pail
  • Diaper cream


  • Bottles (with different nipple flow rates)
  • Bottle sterilizer
  • Breast pump (if breastfeeding)
  • Nursing bras and pads
  • Formula
  • Bottle warmer
  • High chair


  • Onesies
  • Sleepsuits
  • Baby socks and mittens
  • Hats
  • Baby clothes in various sizes
  • Swaddle blankets

Bathing and Grooming:

  • Baby bathtub
  • Baby shampoo and soap
  • Baby towels and washcloths
  • Baby brush and comb set
  • Nail clippers
  • Baby lotion

Health and Safety:

  • Baby thermometer
  • First aid kit
  • Baby-proofing items (outlet covers, cabinet locks)
  • Baby gate
  • Baby monitor (for safety)

Travel Gear:

  • Infant car seat
  • Stroller or travel system
  • Baby carrier or wrap
  • Portable crib or playpen
  • Car window shades

Playtime and Entertainment:

  • Baby toys (rattles, soft toys, teething toys)
  • Play gym or mat
  • Baby books
  • Musical mobile
  • Baby swing or bouncer

Nursing and Feeding Accessories:

  • Nursing pillow
  • Burp cloths
  • Bibs
  • High chair accessories (tray, cushion)

Organizational Items:

  • Baby closet organizer
  • Storage bins or baskets
  • Baby hangers

Gift Cards and Cash Funds:

  • Some registries offer the option to include gift cards or cash funds that can be used for specific needs as they arise.

For Mom and Dad:

  • Postpartum essentials for the mother (nursing bras, comfortable clothing)
  • Dad's essentials (diaper bag for dad, parenting books)

Feeding Supplies (if planning to introduce solids):

  • Baby food maker or blender
  • Baby food storage containers
  • Baby utensils and dishes

Outdoor Gear (depending on your lifestyle):

  • Baby carrier for hiking
  • Sunscreen and hats
  • Baby tent or sunshade

Technology and Gadgets (optional):

  • Baby video monitor
  • White noise machine
  • Baby tracker app subscription

Hi!  I'm Sarah.  I'm a mom, a musician, a creative and a woman who is passionate about sharing information that brings you joy!  Joy in both your birth experiences and motherhood.  My greatest joy is my family: my husband and three incredible boys.  In the time I carve out for myself, I love escaping in a great book, “Sarahnading” on my violin, singing, creating crafts and experimenting with diy projects, hiking the gorgeous mountains of Utah and skiing.  I am a Birth Coach and Certified Birth Doula.  I've had 3 amazing births and can't wait to help you achieve the birth of your dreams.  Let's connect!  

Sarah Ziroll

Sarah Ziroll